In the electrical circuit diagrams, the cables are marked with letters indicating the colour of the individual cables.

The designation consists of one or two letters as an abbreviation of the English word for the colour in question (except black). Multi-coloured cables are designated with combinations of these abbreviations separated by a hyphen or slash.

Example: A blue-yellow cable is designated BL-Y or BL/Y.

Colour code
SB Black Schwarz | Noir
BL Blue Blau | Bleu
BR oder BN Brown Braun | Brun
GN Green Grün | Vert
GR Grey Grau | Gris
OR Orange Orange
P Pink Rosa
R Red Rot | Rouge
V Violet Violett
W White Weiss | Blanc
Y Yellow Gelb | Jaune
W-SB White-Black Weiss-Schwarz | Blanc-Noir
W-GN White-Green Weiss-Grün | Blanc-Vert
BL-R Blue-Red Blau-Rot | Bleu-Rouge
BL-W Blue-White Blau-Weiss | Bleu-Blanc
BL-Y Blue-Yellow Blau-Gelb | Bleu-Jaune
GN-R Green-Red Grün-Rot | Vert-Rouge