Check: Are the correct components installed? The BOSCH and VOLVO order numbers of the components

Electronic Control Unit (ECU): Aufbau, Aus- und Einbau, Reparatur und Service

Main relay, relay for fuel pump, relay for cold start valve (model years 1970 and 1971), technical features

Einspritzventile: Konstruktion, Funktion, Technische Daten, Dichtringe, Aus- und Einbau, Reinigung und Revision

Cold start valve, cold-start relay, thermal timer: design, function, test procedures

Zusatzluftschieber: Konstruktion, Funktion, Prüfverfahren, Reparaturmöglichkeiten, Ersatz

Luftfilter und Ansaugschlauch

The D-Jetronic fuel injection system has also been installed in vehicles from other manufacturers.

For care and maintenance of the D-Jetronic system, we recommend the VOLVO Service Manuals (SM). Those who have read up a little will realise that the injection system and its components are not as complicated as some people report.

The customer service manuals from BOSCH are available as PDF files on the Internet or as antiquarian booklets.