p1800 cbook 1965

Again and again there are misunderstandings when people ask about the model year or the year of manufacture of a P1800.

The model year defines the time period in which a certain model was produced. During the company holidays in July, the production lines were changed over, technical changes or changes in the sense of model maintenance. From August onwards the vehicles were then assigned to a new model year.

The model year is identical with the calendar year.

As an example: A vehicle that rolled off the production line in September 1968 belongs to model year 1969, but to model year 1968.

The specification of the model year allows specialists to specify the description of a vehicle.

rhd lhd

LHD - Left hand drive

Traffic on the right side of the road, the steering wheel is on the left side. The vehicle is left-hand drive.

Sweden switched from left-hand to right-hand traffic at Dagen H in 1967. However, the vehicles in Sweden were left-hand drive before that.

RHD - Right hand drive

Traffic on the left side of the road, the steering wheel is on the right side. The vehicle is right-hand drive.

Countries with left-hand drive: In Europe: Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. Australia, India, South Africa, Japan

A prototype for a right-hand drive vehicle was completed in March 1961, and series production began in February 1962 [CW].

The difference LHD - RHD

Headlights, mirror glasses, parts of the steering, dashboard, support plate for left foot and many other details.