Qui effectue des travaux d'entretien et de maintenance sur sa Volvo et est un peu incertain sans disposer d'une expertise suffisante et de manuels d'atelier ? Dans les vidéos des SPÉCIALISTES DU VOLVO CLASSIQUE, vous trouverez l'aide nécessaire en mots et en images ! Certes, en anglais.

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Voici seulement une petite sélection de la grande offre :

  • Replacing the dynamo with a modern alternator PV544, P1800, Amazon, LHD
  • Introduction to Amazon Cars Volvos of the 1960’s and 1970’s
  • PV444 “box of bits” approaches completion Emma’s PV444
  • Fitting door seals All
  • Brake balance valve – deleting them P1800, Amazon, 140/164
  • Fitting a Lambda boss All
  • Lower Wishbone Bushes P1800, Amazon
  • D-Jetronic Loom Replacement P1800E, ES, 140E
  • Steering Components, Identify & Order All
  • Removing the rear hub/drum PV544, P1800S, Amazon
  • Volvo Amazon “Olga” a private viewing
  • 140 Chassis Strength Upgrades 140/164
  • and many more

Merci beaucoup Emma et Rob !


36 days, 110 cars, 14 teams driving a VOLVO and these members of VOLVO P1800 - International Owners Club!

Home of the Peking to Paris Rally

54 - 1800S (1968) Mark Trowbridge (USA) / Janel Trowbridge (USA)

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68 - 1800ES (1973) Erik van Droogenbroek (NL) / Tone Moller (NL)

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… sur ce site à tous les propriétaires et passionnés de VOLVO P1800, 1800S, 1800E et 1800ES.

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murray buyers guideWhether already a Volvo P1800 owner, a prospective owner or simply an admirer, you'll find many useful nuggets of information here. Especially important if you are contemplating the purchase of one of the best looking classic sports cars ever produced, this handy pocket-sized book will guide you through how to select the right car, and provide essential advice on finding, buying and evaluating a Volvo P1800.

Covering all versions of the P1800 from carburettor-equipped Coupés to electronically fuel-injected Shooting Brakes (Estates), you'll find the correct original specifications, and advice on how to spot potential body and mechanical problems.

Perhaps not the typical Volvo P1800 owner, Neil's hankering for the model derived from a life-long exposure to Volvo cars in general – not from "The Saint" TV show, as some might suppose!

The autor Neil Murray: His father was in the Volvo Owners Club, and Neil accompanied him to many rallies, where the P1800 gradually became the focus of his attention. He has owned several 1970s-era Volvos since the early 1980s; in fact, his first Volvo, a 1973 144S, was his first car, bought before he could even drive.

Neil acquired his first P1800, a 1970 1800E, in 1988. He has owned and worked on them ever since, and now shares his first-hand experience and expertise in this book.

N'achetez pas une VOLVO P1800 sans acheter d'abord ce Essential buyer's Guide!

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Die Beiträge und Hinweise zur elektronisch gesteuerten Benzineinspritzung BOSCH D-Jetronic werden auf dieser Site immer umfangreicher. In einem eigenem Kapitel sind die Beiträge, Dokumente, Tabellen, Listen und Abbildungen für Wartung, Pflege und Reparatur systematisch geordnet. Darüber hinaus haben wir auch Informationen für die Besitzer eines Fahrzeugs der Baureihen VOLVO 140 oder VOLVO 164E mit D-Jetronic aufgenommen.

Klicken Sie in der Navigation auf BOSCH D-Jetronic.

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Nous voudrions particulièrement attirer votre attention sur le « Compendium D-Jetronic du Dr-DJet » en ligne. Les composants du D-Jetronic pour les véhicules de tous les constructeurs sont décrits en détail et donnent des instructions pour l'analyse et la suppression des défauts et des erreurs.

Le collègue Dr-DJet est également l’opérateur et l’un des modérateurs du « Forum D-Jetronic », dans lequel des questions sont posées sur D-Jetronic et auxquelles il est répondu avec compétence, des discussions sont ouvertes et des solutions sont élaborées ensemble. En allemand et anglais.

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Grams instead of kilograms

Volvo Cars Heritage presents Original Technical Publications - Volvo Service and workshop literature transferred to USB. A small stick replaces kilos upon kilos of paper when you need to work with your dassic Volvo or order spare parts.

The OTP range consists of all available service, workshop and parts literature for all Volvo models between 1927 and 1999 divided on 11 sticks. For more information about OTP please contact Original Technical Publications for VOLVO.

TP-51949 - 1800, 1800 S, 1800 E, 1800 ES - 1961 to 1973
English, Swedish, German, French, Italian and Spanish content

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Dieser VOLVO 1800E wurde am 17. Januar 2019 vom internationalen Auktionshaus Bonhams in Scottsdale, AZ, USA versteigert.

Cypress green (110), Motor B 20 F, knapp 40.000 Meilen, zumindest auf dem Tachometer.

Ein weiterer Beweis für die These » Mit jedem vom Besitzer verhunzten Fahrzeug, steigt der Wert der gut gepflegten und sorgfältig gewarteten «!

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This 1/18 Volvo P1800 scale model is an exact copy of the emblematic swedish car. This car became famous all around the world in the sixties as Roger Moore's car in the TV Show "The Saint". The very first 1961 Jensen version of the P1800 is a DNA exclusivity!

Please watch our pictures and video, check the beauty of the shape and the quality of the interior.

Quantity produced: 320 pieces
Each chassis numbered

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