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Pelle Petterson in the Carozzeria Pietro Frua workshop [Photography Helmer Petterson]

Following in the footsteps of a father who contributed so much to the development of the P1800 would seem an almost impossible task for a young designer like Pelle. He was, to say the least, quite up to the task. Before going to work at Frua, the younger Petterson had already developed some of the styling sketches which shaped the new coupe. The Italian influence was apparent though, the biggest clue being the turned upsweep of the front bumpers reminiscent of the 1955 Lancia Aurelia Spider by Pininfarina. Pelle's designs were delivered to Gunnar Engellau along with other stylings from Frua in 1957. At that time, Frua received full credit for all the styling concepts and Engellau chose Pelle's body style without knowing that it had been prepared by Helmer Petterson's son. When Engellau discovered that Pelle was Helmer's son, he was outraged. He did however, stand by his decision and authorized construction of a prototype coupe based on Pelle's styling. [Bill Webb]

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Pelle and Irene Petterson at Viking Classic Auto Show 2010, Chateau de Beauregard, France

Seine Erfolge sind so zahlreich, dass deren Auflistung ganze Seiten füllen würde. Stellvertretend sei der Gewinn des legendären Stockholmer Seifenkisten- Rennens von 1942 genannt, das er im selbst gebastelten Auto, angefeuert von 30.000 Zuschauern, souverän gewann – mal abgesehen von einer Silber- und einer Bronzemedaille bei Olympischen Spielen 1964 und 1972 und etlichen Weltmeister- und Europameistertiteln, die im späteren Verlauf seines eindrucksvollen Sportlerlebens hinzukamen.

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PPY Production AB designs, manufactures and sells under the trademark Pelle P technical sailing – and casual clothes as well as a ski – and winter collection where design is combined with high quality and function.

The company has its origin from the sailing legend Pelle Petterson who also has a unique skill as a successful designer and world – renowned competition yachtsman. The head office is located in Billdal outside Gothenburg with market presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Holland.

Pelle Petterson is Sweden's greatest ever yachtsman. He has won the World Championship and Olympic Bronze and Silver medals for Starboat racing, a number of World Championship golds in R6 and a World Championship medal in Soling. He has also been the initiator and skipper at two Swedish America's Cup challenges.

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Not only an accomplished designer of racing yachts, he is also a world-class yachtsman. Pelle has been a strong contender in the sport for several years and in 1982, captured the World' s Cup 6-Meter regatta with a yacht of his own design.

As well as his many sporting successes, Pelle Petterson is a famous boat designer with an international reputation as the creator of the Maxi yachts and parts of the Nimbus motorboat series. More than 85,000 boats designed by Pelle Petterson have been produced.

Mit der Jolle c55 definiert Pelle Petterson das Segeln neu. Die c55 ist in Schweden nationale Einheitsklasse. Es wird dort als Match Race-Regatta- und Ausbildungsboot verwendet.

Gebaut wird die Jolle bei der Werft Cremo Productions AB in Varberg (S). Die c55 hat einen Hubkiel und trägt ein 7/8-Rigg mit einem Alu-Mast. Das Vorsegel ist mit Segellatten ausgestattet, das Vordeck ist offen.

Maxi Yachts is one of the foremost and most respected boat builders in Europe. The name Maxi has for decades, been synonymous with well-built boats which, due to their high quality, have ensured that the company has carved itself out a special reputation within the boat world.