14 miles south-west of Glasgow.

Converter of sheetmetal PSC
Dashboard, door panels, panels and armrests

One of the largest builders of pressed steel in Western Europe.

Three majors factories

Swindon heute BMW Tochter Swindon Pressings Limited. fertigt Teile für Mini

Pressed Steel Company which opened in 1948 making farm machinery, railway wagons and car bodies.

im 1961 eröfneten Werk Linwood west of Glasgow wurden die Karosserieteile für Volvo gefertigt

Robbson p82

was home to the Rootes car plant and the Pressed Steel company, both of which ceased production in 1981.

1965 übernommen von BMC, Linwodd factory sold to Rootes

In 1967 the Chrysler Corporation took over

Secret Scotland - Linwood

55° 50′ 49.2″ N, 4° 30′ 7.2″ W

ad pressed steel