Da denne samling blev oprettet, var alle linkene fine. Hvis nogle af dem holder op med at arbejde, så lad os det vide, så vi kan foretage rettelser.

Clubs and organizations for owners, enthusiasts and friends of the model VOLVO P1800 from allover the world.

P1800 registers, sites and blogs of owners and enthusiasts.

Owners and enthusiasts for other VOLVO models from allover the world.

International meetings in Europe for owners of VOLVO cars. Under the patronage of Volvo Cars Heritage.

Spare parts, rare parts and practical solutions to vexing problems.

Repair and spare parts

SU HS6 and Zenith-Stromberg: Sites and blogs, spare parts and manuals

Injectors: cleaning, flow balance, calibration, … Parts: shop, repair, service, …

International sellers

MegaSquirt, transmissiob swap, engne perfomance etc.

T5 transmission for 1800E and 1800ES
T9 transmission for pre 1970 1800S, 122S and 544 Sport