Volvo P1800

p1800 number plate

Up to ch 4,199, only two lights for license plate illumination are mounted in the chrome housing.

The case #665450 and the two glasses #665451 are still available.

Special reversing lights were offered as accessories. For example, this one, #279251. The diffusing glass with VOLVO lettering covers the chrome housing. This includes a switch for the transmission, which is activated when reverse gear is engaged.


Volvo 1800S und 1800E


From ch 4,200, a different, bright chrome housing was fitted. The reversing light is now integrated in it.

The wiring harness has an additional wire for the reverse light.

A switch is mounted on the transmission that is activated when reverse gear is engaged. Which switch is mounted depends on model year and transmission type.

Version 1: #380360 Mounted in the oval aluminum cover above the transmission output at the rear of the manual transmission.

Version 2: #1212591 Installed in the upper transmission cover.

Version 3: #381251 Installed in upper transmission cover.

The lights are accessible from inside the trunk.To replace a bulb, the bulb holder is bent to the side.

The housing #668122 is still available, the glasses #668112 and #668113(2 pieces) you have to search for.

Volvo 1800ES


In this model series, the reversing lights are integrated in the housing of both combination rear lamps.

1800es ruecklicht

Pos. 3 Housing no longer available.
Pos. 2 Glass #686965 - left and right is still available.