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The articles and information on the electronically controlled BOSCH D-Jetronic petrol injection system are becoming more and more comprehensive on this site. The articles, documents, tables, lists and illustrations for maintenance, care and repair are systematically arranged in a separate chapter. In addition, we have also included information for owners of a VOLVO 140 or VOLVO 164E series vehicle with D-Jetronic.

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As the problems with the maintenance of the D-Jetronic also affect vehicles of other manufacturers, we refer in part to their models.

The supply of D-Jetronic components has become more difficult, here we want to help you with our hints.

One request: Please help with your tips and comments to ensure that the BOSCH D-Jetronic can be well maintained in all vehicles. After all, the knowledge of the predecessor of today's injection systems should be preserved for the owners of these special classic cars.