Bofors, 130 years older than the United States

There are many companies, especially in the machine-building and mining industries, whose histories date back to the misty beginnings of Swedish economic life. Often they began as a small forge or smithy, which grew into a bruk. The bruk, a typically Swedish institution, was originally a type of country estate on which iron-melting, rather than agriculture, was the chief occupation.

From these early manorial establishments, an unbroken process of economic development led to the modern industrial concerns of today.

One of the oldest and largest of these is the Bofors Company, founded in 1646 as a village smithy. Today Bofors is a world renowned weapons-maker. The Bofors 40-mm. automatic gun, for example, was perhaps the most widely employed piece of artillery in World War II.

Volvo now draws upon the vast experience and resources of Bofors for more peaceful ends. Crankshafts, gear blanks, and other Volvo forgings and steel parts which have helped create the Volvo reputation for quality come from Bofors.