2011 - Classic Motor Show (UK)

Besides this fantastic car, the now famous P958-X1 prototype will continue its triumphant tour by also appearing in the UK. The other cars at the stand will be ST1 – the white 1800 of a certain "Saint", a very nice original one-owner Jensen-built P1800 and a serious-looking 1800S in rally guise. On top of that there will be a couple of other exciting surprises, never before seen in the UK.

Possibly the most interesting quintet of P1800 cars ever collected in the UK was displayed by Volvo Cars Heritage and Volvo Owners Club (UK) at the Footman James Classic Motor Show. Some 80,000 people came to admire hundreds and hundreds of beautiful cars, motorbikes and all sorts of things related to the classic vehicle hobby.

Birmingham Classic Motor Show

The Footman James Classic Motor Show is the biggest and most popular classic car exhibition in the UK. With over 1200 wonderful cars from all eras, showcasing a myriad of marques and models, this really is a motoring enthusiast’s paradise!